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This morning it’s really on my heart to talk about our individual stories. Last night I was taken back, as Austin & I were leaving dinner. There was a man sitting on the steps with only a coat & a sleeping bag [remind you it was around 40 degrees]. I asked Austin to pull through the Sonic next door, to get the man something for dinner. We then went by & I walked up to him & gave him the food.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Sure,” the homeless man stated.

“Here is a burger & a drink,” I replied. “Have a safe night, & try to stay warm.”

That’s all that was said. I got back in the trunk with Austin & my feelings were instantly crushed. I went out of the way to do something nice for this man, & was not even told a simple thank you.  I spent $8 of my hard earned money and the man was not even appreciative.

As I continued to ponder the situation, I put myself in his shoes. I had no idea what this guy was going through. Was he sad, depressed, ashamed? Only he knew. And all I could perceive was what I saw on the outside.

A man with sad, droopy eyes. A man that was bundled up trying to stay warm. A man that had probably experienced more in his life, than I will ever experience in mine. A man that was hungry, because he scarfed his food down in a matter of minutes.

This man had a story, that sadly I will never get to know. I am someone who likes to try and figure people out, and what makes that person unique. We each have a story to tell, but every single one is different. God has a unique plan for each one of us, and that’s pretty great & incredible to think about.

I shouldn’t have had my feelings hurt because this man did not say thank you for the meal I provided him, much less he did not even look me in the eyes. I do not know his story and the emotions he is feeling. All I know, is I did not provide this man with a warm meal because I wanted a thank you. I did it because I wanted to pay it forward.

So my question to you is this: What struggles have you encountered that make your life unique? We all have had them, just in different ways. Whether you have experienced heartache, loneliness, depression… the list could go on, embrace those qualities that have made you, you. Don’t be ashamed of them. We all live on a different path going a different way, and if you ask me, I think that is pretty cool.

Have a good weekend!



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  1. Very thoughful of you to do a little something for the man but some people are made not to be appreciative. In the long run we need to be thoughtful of the ones who are less fortunate. You can look in your heart and be proud of the thoughtful person you are

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