I Got it From My Momma

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Shoes: Shopbop//

I love when Mother’s Day makes its appearance each year, because it’s such a special day honoring my favorite person! My mom has been my role model since I could walk & as the years have progressed, she has grown to be my best friend. People are right, there is no bond like a mother & daughter’s, & I only hope I have the relationship my mom & I have with my daughter one day [far down the road lol].

Some may call me crazy, but I operate like clock work with my mom every morning and call her at the exact same time on my way to work every.single.day. Some days we have nothing new to talk about, but others you would think it had been weeks since we spoke!

Like many of you, my mom has taught me numerous of things over my 24 years. However, some things stick out more than others. Such as, never judge a book by its cover. My mom preached this growing up, & I can vividly hear her telling my brother & I that you never know what anyone else is going through… so who are we to judge.

Hard work. My mom lives & breathes her job, so much so she has been at the same company 25 years. This also highlights her loyalty & dedication… two of her great attributes. She instilled in me that I would work for what I have, which is why I believe I have the work ethic I do. My mom made me get a job when I turned 16 [and I have had a job ever since], as she wanted me to pay for things like my gas & social activities with friends. Why I may have despised her at the time for this, looking back I know why she did what she did. I remember in high school my friends & I would go to the mall, and their parents would give them their credit cards to shop. The one time I tried asking my mom for hers, she laughed in my face. Thank you for that mom. This all said, I also came out of school with student loan debt, as my mom knew it would make me work harder for my degree. It resulted in me not taking my college years or degree for granted, as I am having to pay for that piece of paper every month. While it stinks to be in debt, I get her mindset behind it. Don’t get me wrong, she & a lot of other family helped financially in college, but yes I still have money I owe & I honestly I am thankful for that.

Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. There is no way I can count how many times my mom preached this at me. Being a girl can be tough, but my mom tried to instill that no words would ever bring me down.

The bigger the bow [or hair] the closer to God. Find any picture of me from when I was little & I can almost guarantee I am wearing a bow bigger than my head. Also, I am convinced my mom still think she is in the 80’s, as that lady can make her hair ultra big. Luckily, I’ve learned the same tricks. I love my hairspray as much as my momma 😉

Be a giver, not a taker. Mom is queen of making sure others are taken care of before herself. While some of us always want to strangle her for this, it’s what makes her, her.

I’ve said this one before, but to never leave this house without makeup… specifically mascara and lipstick. Chantil is right, you never know who you may run into when you’re out & about. I don’t typically always follow this rule of Chantil’s, but I have to agree that it’s good to always be presentable.

I could go on & write a novel about how great my mom is. Maybe one day? Any who, Happy Mother’s Day to my momma & all the other mommas out there. You are so loved!

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