Year One of Marriage

Hey friend! So happy you are taking time out of your day to stop by, because I have an ultra special blog post. Austin & I are celebrating one year of marriage today, so cue the tears & all the other girly emotions. I decided to change it up today and let Austin write about his take on the first year + mine, giving you a sneak peek at year one. So get your coffee [or wine] ready, because in my opinion this is the best blog post yet ­čśë


Wow. One year of marriage. It still doesn’t even feel like we had been dating for 5 years before we said I do. Like I have known my now wife for 6 years?! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

I can wholeheartedly say year one of marriage has been the best time of my life. I never really thought about marriage or who I would marry when I was younger, I just always knew that it would happen at some point. Which is maybe why Geordian was my first official girl friend and love. LOL. Any who, all I can say is being married to my best friend is the most awesome thing in the world. Marriage is not something that comes easy. It’s hard work that involves little fights about who’s washing the dishes, who’s taking the dog out and someone consistently using too much hot water (her). The travels, the dates, the times we didn’t do a thing other than stay at home and fall asleep on the couch are all better because I have my wife and best friend by my side. When taking a step back and thinking about all the different aspects of my life, my marriage to Geordian Hailey is the best thing and I can’t wait for all of the years to come.

She makes me a better friend, son and all around person, which I know can be difficult at times. A wife is supposed to make her husband be the best person he can be, and in my opinion Geordian is at the top of the list. Our marriage has been full of adventures. From moving into an apartment, starting to build a house, career changes, learning how to budget, taking countless blog pictures, etc. and to think that we get to keep adding to that list is extremely exciting. I am the luckiest man that Geordian is the one I get to come home to everyday. I love her. Marriage is awesome.


Marriage officially started when I walked down the aisle and locked eyes with Austin. I knew right at that moment I was getting ready to embark on the most exciting chapter of life. Austin and I were together five years before marriage, but him being my husband has been something totally new. It’s given me a different outlook on life and how it should be lived.

What I mean by that is, I put Austin above anything and anyone else. I have set boundaries with work and my blog to ensure I get to spend daily time with him. He is what I look forward to after a long 8-5 day. He is whom I want to share my highs and lows with. He is why I get excited thinking about the future and what it entails. Austin encourages me to live out my dreams and to be the best version of myself, which can be challenging for this dramatic girl.

Marriage has taught me so much, but the one thing that has truly opened my eyes, is I never knew I could love a human so much. When you tie the knot, you become one, but after this first year of marriage I have found out that you really do become one. We do everything together. Whether that be brushing our teeth, enjoying our coffee, shopping for groceries or exploring and traveling to new cities, we are always together. Sometimes we question ourselves about this, wondering if it’s normal to spend that much time with one person, BUT we remind ourselves we wouldn’t want it any other way. Year one of marriage flew, but it has been the absolute best. I cannot wait for many more years and new chapters to come.

Photography credit: Madison Bickham Photography 

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