Bridesmaid Dresses & Details

2018-08-22 06:00:59 adoremorewithgeor

It has been quite some time since I have done a #WeddingWednesday post. Some of you mentioned last week you wanted to see more, so here we are! Today I wanted to talk bridesmaid dresses. Typically these are the dreaded words when you are in a bridal party. I mean let’s be honest… we have all been in weddings wearing dresses we will never, ever wear again. So I wanted to make sure it was just the opposite for all my besties!

When planning the wedding, I knew I liked the mismatched look & loved the idea of every girl getting to pick her dress. I think this is a fabulous way for every friend to express themselves and stay true to their style. Also allowing them to wear something that is flattering for their body & that they feel comfortable in. I told my girls that I wanted to stick to a wine/burgundy/maroon color scheme, and the dress was up to them. I just asked that no one wore a long sleeve nor strapless dress! This also gave my bridesmaids the option to spend however much they wanted on a dress. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than dropping a ton of money on a gown you are never going to wear again.

Most of my friends ended up getting their dresses from Lulu’s, as they had a great variety of our color scheme & most dresses were in the $70-$100 range. I have actually ordered several gowns from Lulu’s for the weddings I have been in & have had zero complaints! I loved how all of the dresses came together & coordinated extremely well.

I know this is not very traditional and not common for black tie weddings, but it fit great with our wedding & theme. My girls looked beautiful & I loved how everyone’s dress stayed true to who they are.

If you’re a bride to be & letting your girls choose their dresses OR if you are in a wedding & can choose your own, definitely check out Lulu’s selection. The pieces I have ordered fit true to size and are fabulous quality. If you’re a shorty, like myself, you just may have to get the bottom hemmed. Which is typically not too pricey!

Happy hump day!

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Bride to Be Little White Dress

2018-03-21 05:00:10 adoremorewithgeor

Dress: Forever 21 [under $30]// Shoes: Charlotte Russe//

Earrings: Bauble Bar// Lipstick: L’Oreal [color candy man]//

Another Wednesday means another #WeddingWednesday post! Today I wanted to switch it up & share a precious dress that would be perfect for all your bride to be’s. I swear I am still in full on bride mode, as anytime I find the perfect white dress I instantly think it would be great for a bridal festivity. When will I ever get past that I already got married? Asking for a friend. HA.

Wrap dresses are the hot item for spring. Some are a little pricey, but some are super inexpensive, like this precious thing! Nordstrom has a wrap dress I was dying to get my hands on, but I found this identical dupe that is half the price, from Forever 21. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I am all about a good dupe!

This dress is under $30 & also comes in red. It’s the perfect length & would be great for any bridal festivities you may have! I am wearing my normal dress size in a small. I am thinking the red would be perfect too for some friends bridal showers I have coming up. Lord knows you can’t wear a white dress [or any white items] to another brides festivity, unless specified!

Pair this LWD with the perfect wedges + statement earrings & you are ready to go. Trust me when I say you’ll be turning heads. Which is the best feeling when the dress is a major steal!

Are you a bride to be? I would love to know!

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Wedding Vows

2018-03-14 17:05:37 adoremorewithgeor

I always knew I wanted to write my own wedding vows. After attending several weddings & watching all the hopeless romantic movies I knew this was what I really wanted. Once Austin proposed, we both decided together that this was what we both wanted. A lot of pressure? Yes. So meaningful? Absolutely.

When the wedding was about 2 weeks out we decided we needed to get our vows figured out. We both conducted our research on what we should include & wrote them from our the bottom of our hearts. After we were both done, we ended up reciting them to one another before the big day. People thought we were crazy for this, but we did it because I did not think I would be able to get through them if it was the first time reading them the day of. And looking back both moments we read our vows to one another was beyond special.

I am going to get a little more personal than usual and want to share our vows with you. These are something we have hanging in our room & live by daily. I am sharing these because if you are bride to be and writing your own vows I want to try help! They are in no way perfect, but they were perfect for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Austin’s vows

Geordian, You are my everything and my queso- connoisseur. I vow to continue to viciously love you for the rest of our lives through everything we may encounter. I promise to always protect you and support you in anything you choose to do. I vow to make you my first thought in the morning and last thought when I go to sleep at night. I vow to still be by your side and take you dancing and bring you flowers even when weโ€™re 90 years old. I vow to create a family that is centered around Jesus Christ and to pursue you our entire life together. You are my number one and always will be. I love you.

Geordian’s vows

Austin, you are my best friend and world-traveling partner, my number one fan and future handyman. I vow, going into our lives together as husband and wife, to be your supporter, shoulder to cry on and the most loving wife I can be. I vow to love you how you deserve to be loved- I promise to always encourage you to live out your dreams and be nothing but the man God created you to be. With my whole heart, I take you as my husband, and promise to be faithful and supportive in the days to come. I vow to always make our familyโ€™s love and happiness my main priority. I promise to always be by your side, in sickness and health, and grief and failure. I will always dream with you and walk next to you with whatever comes our way. You are my person, my love and my life, today and always. I love you.

Happy #WeddingWednesday! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Why We Did Not do a First Look

2018-03-07 05:00:53 adoremorewithgeor

This face sums up why we chose against a first look. I was on the fence seriously the whole engagement season, because I wanted Austin & I to experience that special moment. I was stressed about not having enough daylight for pictures of the two of us after the ceremony, so I was extremely close to settling on a first look so we could shoot pictures before.

After a ton of contemplation, Austin & I decided we wanted to see each other for the first time when I walked down the aisle. I wanted his expression to be from the first time he saw me in my dress. From what I remember, because the day is very blurred, Austin shed several tears when I walked around the corner to the aisle. Many of you do not know Austin, so let me make it very clear that the guy does not share emotions or his feelings. He is not a hopeless romantic, like the movies, so the moment when he saw me was probably one of the best feelings.

Sure, we may have experienced the same emotions and feelings with a first look, but looking back I do not think they would have been the same. I had dreamt of this big moment down the aisle my entire life, & getting to experience that was like no other. Seeing the guy I fell madly in love with choke up was probably one of the major highlights of our wedding day.

Looking back, we got to experience the big reveal in front of the whole wedding ceremony, we still had time to capture great pictures of us & we even had leftover time to attend some of the cocktail hour. So logistically, everything worked out, just how we hoped.

If you’re a bride to be, do you plan to do a first look? I would love to know!

Happy #WeddingWednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thank You's with Basic Invite

2018-02-28 05:00:59 adoremorewithgeor

Hey girly! I hope your week is going great. I am needing all the coffee on this hump day. Lord, just get me through the rest of the week. This girl needs the weekend ASAP! It has been a couple weeks since a #WeddingWednesday post, but I am so happy to say I have a good one in store for you today.

In the engagement season, your mind is going ninety to nothing planning the perfect day. People will start sending you gifts right after you register and you will be attending showers monthly. That said, it is so important to keep up with thank you notes. This is honestly one of the most important things in the wedding process!

I cannot stress enough how significant thank you notes are. I personally love receiving a handwritten note that someone took the time to write. While I was engaged, I made sure to write down the gift & who it was from right after I opened it. I kept a list with all of the gifts & made myself sit down once a week and write thank you’s leading up to the wedding. This made life so much easier when writing thank you notes for the gifts people brought to the wedding. Can you say less hand cramp?! PTL!

A lot of people say the golden rule is to send all of your thank you’s by your third month of marriage. Personally, I think this is WAY too long to wait! I mean, I would forget what I brought someone by that point. I tried to get all of ours out less than a month after the wedding. And I am happy to say I succeeded ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finding the perfect thank you notes is simple, thanks to Basic Invite. They have unlimited color selections so you can design whatever invitation or thank you card your heart desires. Basic Invite is great at sending samples before you order. That way you can make sure your invites or cards look exactly how you want! Being type A, this is extremely helpful ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish I would have known about Basic Invite when I got married, because my oh my I love everything they have to offer. BUT now I know for when my friends start getting engaged. I can use them for invitations for engagement parties, bachelorette parties & even bridal invitations!

If you’re a bride to be, checkout Basic Invite wedding websites & keepsake guest books. They are so cute & a great touch to the perfect day! Also, I hope this post lies in the back of your brain about the importance of thank you cards. It is something that is so simple & can mean the world to people who have spent their hard earned money on you!

Have a good week & thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to Basic Invites for this collaboration. All opinions are my own.ย 

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