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Alcohol, Food & Cake at Our Wedding

2018-01-31 05:00:52 adoremorewithgeor

Today’s #WeddingWednesday is going over three of the main words that are involved when planning a wedding. Alcohol, food & cake! I mean are there many other reasons we all attend weddings? Other than wanting to support the bride & groom, of course! 😉

When we started wedding planning, we knew we wanted a venue that had an open vendor policy for food & alcohol. I had heard that this was a huge way to save money, so I was all about it. This was one of the main reasons we ended up going with Mopac Event Center! They allowed us to bring in our own caterer and alcohol. If you are just starting to plan your wedding, girl this is a fabulous plus! We seriously saved thousands of dollars & ended up being more than content with how everything turned out.


A lot of venues require you to use their caterers which can result in spending $50+ per plate. We had two hundred people at our wedding, so you do the math on that one. 😉 And honestly a lot of weddings we have been to the food ends up costing that much & tastes terrible. Think gross banquet food from high school LOL! That is the reason we ended up having southern comfort food as our dinner. I mean who doesn’t love fried chicken & mashed potatoes? That said, we ended up doing a buffet, instead of a plated dinner. This was more cost efficient & made more sense for the layout of where our dinner was held. If you are from the DFW area, we used Babe’s as our caterer, and it was very reasonably priced.


Moving onto alcohol, one of the most expensive things when paying for a wedding. Now Mopac also let us bring in our own alcohol, we just had to provide the licensed bartenders. Luckily we had a family friend who’s daughter was an experienced bartender. When we knew we could bring in our own alcohol, we had to decide what kind of alcohol we wanted to supply. Since we had a Sunday wedding we knew most people would not have their “drinking” shoes on, so we kept it simple & safe with beer, wine & a margarita machine.

We went back & forth about kegs or canned beer, and ended up agreeing on cans, as it made more sense and wouldn’t be as wasteful. We figured if we got kegs and didn’t go through all of them, that would be a total party foul! With cans we were at least able to take home what did not get drank… which was seriously A TON! For wine my mom & I stocked up monthly on cases of Trader Joe’s cabernet, merlot, chardonnay and pinot grigio. I was a little hesitant serving TJ wine at first, but honestly I do not mind their wine so I came to peace with it. I figured if guests did not want to drink the free wine, then they could settle for a marg or beer. And margaritas, we just rented a marg machine. They supplied the mix, we just had to provide the liquor. All that said, we walked away with wayyy more alcohol than expected. Needless to say I will be drinking TJ wine for the rest of the year 😉


Now, let’s get to the sweet stuff. I really didn’t think I wanted a wedding cake when we were doing our research, but my mom demanded I have one. LOL. This was one thing she really voiced her opinion on! That said, we ended up having a bridal & groom’s cake + homemade cupcakes. They were all divine & beautiful! The brides cake was strawberry with white chocolate icing, & the groom’s was cookies & cream with white chocolate icing. We got them for a steal from Legacy Cakes in Grapevine! Hint hint: Make one of your tiers “fake” to save money. We had several sheet cakes in the back which was way less expensive & our guests never knew!

If you made it all the way through this post I am extremely impressed. Sorry it was a tad lengthy! If you have any #WeddingWednesday requests please feel free to email me or comment below.


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Bridal Portraits 101

2018-01-10 05:00:41 adoremorewithgeor

Happy first #WeddingWednesday post of 2018! If you have been following along, you know I got married back in November and have tried to share some wedding tips throughout the engagement process and after the big day. I wanted to start the new year off with a topic on something I wish I could go back and adjust! Keep reading if you’re curious 😉

One of the first things we booked after we got engaged was our photographer. She was seriously a rockstar & I couldn’t have asked for better quality pictures. I mention photography, because today I want to talk bridal portraits. I had talked to numerous brides who had different opinions on bridal portraits before deciding if I wanted to have some shot or not. Some said they were absolutely worth it & others said they did not feel the need to take any, so they just had their photographer shoot some of them solo the day of. My mom & I discussed back & forth, & came to the conclusion that we didn’t see they were necessary, if we could just get some by myself the day of! I knew I did not want a big bridal portrait at our wedding entrance, so I was perfectly okay with this.

Now that we have all of our pictures back, I wish I could go back in time and do two things different. One being to get bridal portraits done. You get to feel like a total princess, in your dream dress, for one solid day. I wish I had true bridal shots of me all dolled up, because I will never have a reason to wear that dress again. Yes, I have some by myself, which you can see above, but they are not the glamorous bridal pictures me nor my mom had envisioned. If you are a bride to be, I encourage you to splurge on bridal portraits. This will also help you get a better idea of your full look for the day of, as your hair & makeup will be complete, too. This also gives you an opportunity to change any of your look if you are not happy with how everything turns out in your pictures. Secondly, I wish I would have had a bridal portrait at our entrance of the venue. I really don’t have a reason why, I just think it would have been a classy touch as guests arrived!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love and adore the pictures above, I just wish I had more to choose from + a shot of the back of my gown & veil. Note to self, all you bride to be’s 🙂

What is your opinion on bridal portraits? I would love to know!

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Bridesmaids Robes + Dresses

2017-12-20 04:00:20 adoremorewithgeor

I have had countless questions on everything pertaining to bridesmaid’s attire for the day of the wedding, so today’s #WeddingWednesday is giving you all the details for just that. So if you are a bride to be & are in need of some guidance for all things bridesmaids, keep reading to learn my in’s and outs 😉

When we started wedding planning, I knew I wanted a fall wedding. With a fall wedding, comes fall colors [which are my faves]! I knew from the beginning I wanted a deep wine color as an accent color & the bridesmaid’s dresses. Leading up to being engaged, I had been in several weddings and had a feel for what I liked & disliked. With that said, I knew I wanted my girls dresses to be different. I think it is so fun being a bridesmaid and having the freedom to pick your own dress! I told my girls the color scheme I was going for & seriously let them pick just about anything. My only request was no long sleeves [since my dress had sleeves] & no strapless! I really wanted everyone’s dresses to be unique & wanted each girl to feel confident in what she was wearing. I LOVE the wedding pictures where the girls dresses are all in the same color palette but where the shades vary. So I tried to accomplish just that!

Most of my bridesmaids found their dresses from Lulu’s! Super inexpensive, great quality & they had the exact color scheme I was going for. I personally do not think it is fair to pick out $200 bridesmaids dresses, & have your girls pay for them, when you know they will most likely never wear it again. The freedom I gave my girls allowed them to find a dress they loved for $60 or $200. Which made me feel a little less guilty for not paying for their dresses. They each know I would have paid for them if I was made of money. 😉

Now for the bridesmaid’s robes, I searched and searched for these forever! I did not want to spend a whole lot on their robes, since I knew they would not wear them again. I mean, I have been in 4 weddings & have not wore one of the robes again. I found these robes for a pretty good deal & was super impressed by how they turned out. I am a pink girl at heart so that is where the color came from. And if you know me, you know I love lace! So the pink robes with lace detail were my cup of tea. Classy & girly, just what I like!

I know I will get questions, so know that I will be doing a post on my bridal robe & getting ready logistics later on. So stay tuned for that!

What are your bridesmaids wearing for the day of?

Photography: Madison Bickham Photography// Venue: Mopac Event Center//

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Christmas Cards 2017

2017-12-13 05:00:49 adoremorewithgeor

Christmas is officially in 12 days! Are you ready? I have most of my shopping done, just lacking a couple more gifts! As you may know, today is #WeddingWednesday, so I wanted to share our first Christmas card, as Mr. & Mrs. 🙂

I have read several things lately about how Christmas cards are a thing of the past, & wow does that make me sad. I remember my mom always picking out the perfect picture for our Christmas card while growing up & it was always so fun helping her. I really hope Christmas cards are not a thing of the past, as they are a personal touch for the holidays to send to friends & family. It’s totally different than scrolling on Facebook or Instagram & seeing a picture. It’s sentimental & heartfelt!

Since this is our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Abel, I knew I wanted to add that to our card. I went with a more rustic glam look this time around, so it would incorporate well with our wedding pictures. I found these cards on Zazzle & I LOVE them! They were also super inexpensive, so that was a huge plus. The pictures I used are two of my faves! I love how the front picture is like bam, they’re married and the back picture states that we just got married and walking off to our future. Hehe!

I cannot wait to continue this tradition with our family & make it a memory our kids cherish down the line!

Do you send out Christmas cards each year? I would love your feedback!

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Wedding Vendors + Engagement Season

2017-12-06 11:47:39 adoremorewithgeor

It has almost been a month of marriage [3 days & counting] & I cannot help but reminisce on all the details of our wedding. From the floral arrangements, gold decor, wonderful music, delicious food & so much more, it was seriously everything I dreamt of. If I could relive November 12th over & over I would. Now, don’t get ahead of yourself… I would not want to plan another wedding again [as I did not hire a planner], but to relive the actual day again? Yes, please. Sign me up!

Leading up to the big day, people talked about how fast it would go by. Not that I did not believe them, but I didn’t think it would go by as fast as it did. My oh my, the day seriously flew! It almost feels like I somewhat blacked out for parts of it, because I cannot remember certain details. So with that being said, if you are a bride to be, or thinking you may be in the near future as it’s engagement season, take mine & everyone else’s advice.  It will go by insanely fast & I encourage you to take a 10 minute break with your hubby the day of to just soak it all in! Austin & I did this during our last dance, as everyone was lining up for the grand exit. This was honestly one of the most special moments of the entire day. Just him & I dancing away to one of our favorite Cody Johnson songs. Can you say romantic or what? 🙂

With it being engagement season, I wanted to share a fun contest WeddingWire is running, if you happen to get engaged this holiday season or in the upcoming winter months! Simply snap a photo & share on Instagram with all your friends. Tag @weddingwire & hashtag #justsaidyes to be entered. That’s all you have to do to be entered to win $10,000 towards your wedding vendors, plus monthly giveaways. I wish I knew about this when we got engaged, because this girl could have used all the money she could get to go towards vendors. Trust me when I say planning a wedding is not cheap!

Speaking of vendors, I wanted to share some of mine with you. Hopefully this will help, especially you girls that are in Texas! Let me tell ya, when we got engaged, I already had an idea of what I wanted our wedding to look like. I seriously had everything envisioned. Which is part of the reason I did not hire a wedding planner. The other part being I am extremely type A and a control freak, so I didn’t want to let anyone else be in charge! No judgement, please. LOL. I tried to do everything in the most inexpensive way possible, as I knew this event would only last a couple hours & what do I look like? Made of money? HAHA. I knew I could make it just as beautiful while being extremely cost efficient! Keep reading to see all of our vendors below and why we went with them!

Major Vendors

Venue- Mopac Event Center: Would you believe me if I told you Mopac was the only venue we looked at in person? I’m not lying! We fell in love with it right away! I had priced a ton of venues online and almost had a heart attack. It’s insane how expensive venues are in the DFW area! We knew we wanted to be able to bring in our own caterer and alcohol, and Mopac allowed just that. And their prices were extremely affordable! Surprising enough, venues get booked out typically a year in advance. I was set on a fall wedding and was not budging on that. Which leads me to saying why we had a Sunday wedding. Saturday’s were unfortunately booked until January and February, so we ended up being fine with Sunday Funday. And we saved a lot of money doing so! Mopac was seriously beautiful and everything I had imagined!

Photography- Madison Bickham Photography: We went with Madi because I had heard nothing but fabulous things from my blogger friend Rachel, from All Things Blush. Madi currently lives in College Station [gig ’em Ags] and is seriously a photography wiz, in case you can’t tell from all of these pictures. She is still in school, but is graduating soon, and is hoping to pursue a full time career eventually in photography. She could definitely make that happen, because this girl has major talent!

Catering- Babe’s: Only the best Southern food in North Texas! Austin & I, along with the rest of the world, love Babe’s. From the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cream corn & so much more! Do I have your mouth watering yet?

DJ- G Fire Productions: Austin & I really wanted a band, but it just did not make the budget. However, we got the next best thing with G Fire Productions! Gerald is seriously the bomb. We had heard him DJ at our friends wedding, so we knew he was good & felt confident going with him. He did not disappoint!

Florist- Terri Riberich: Now ladies, I was extremely fortunate with my florist. In the beginning of the planning process we had gotten quotes from several florist and the prices were seriously outrageous! Terri works independently out of a flower shop in Keller and gave us a heck of a deal. And our flowers were seriously breathtaking! We went simple with just greenery inside the reception area, but the bouquets and flowers on the arch were beyond gorgeous. If you are in the area and would like to get in touch with Terri feel free to shoot me an email!

Minor Vendors

Guy’s attire- Menguin: I will save this post for another day! 😉

Wedding Dress- Lulu’s Bridal Boutique

Cake- Legacy Cakes

Hair & Makeup- Tousled Studio

Bridesmaid Dresses- Mainly Lulu’s: I let them pick their own, so it was up to them where they came from!

Napkins- For Your Party [c/o]

Cups- For Your Party [c/o]

Bridal Robe- Walkin on Air [c/o]

Koozies- That Wedding Shop [c/o]

Place Cards- Minted [c/o]

So sorry for the longest post ever! I just wanted to make sure I included all the details for you, as I know it can be super helpful seeing why someone else went with a vendor and what not. Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be a lot more #WeddingWednesday posts in the future. I will probably do more on vendors & whatever else you would like to see!

If you just got engaged or are a bride to be, be sure to enter WeddingWire’s #justsaidyes contest! You can learn more about it here. And if you win, you can thank me later 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thanks to WeddingWire for this collaboration. All opinions are my own. 


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